Have you been looking for months for a great tattoo design? Often it can be difficult to find the exact design that you want. If you have been looking for a delicate and cute tattoo for a female then you might want to consider a flower butterfly tattoo. These of course can go separately or together either way flowers and butterflies make for great subjects for female tattoos.

The Best Things About Flower And Butterfly Tattoos There are a variety of things about these tattoo that make them so great. First of all they are very flexible. That means they can go in a variety of different places on your body and the design can be sized and shaped to fit perfectly just about anywhere on the body. They make exceptional tattoos for upper and lower back designs and also can work well on your thigh or hip area. They are also full of symbolism. There is the symbolism behind the butterfly which goes through a beautiful transformation in life and then these often is symbolism behind the flower part of the design also.

What Location? - Flower and butterfly tattoos are great because they can be put just about anywhere on your body. If you are looking for a large brilliant and strong design then you might want to go with a full back tattoo. If you are not ready for this level of commitment you can do a lower back or upper back tattoo very easily Of course if you are looking for a smaller design then you can also ways get a foot tattoo, hip tattoo or even a thigh tattoo. The butterfly and flower can easily be designed around the location of the body you want to get tattooed.

The Cost - Trying to figure out the cost of a tattoo can be difficult. It depends on the size of the design, the tattoo artist and many other factors. However if you are thinking of a small foot or hip tattoo and a design that is small then it can often cost between $50 and $100 bucks. If you are thinking about getting a bigger tattoo piece done like an upper back or full back tattoo then it can cost easily $500 to $1000 dollars.

It is always important to remember to have fun with the process of getting a tattoo. Often people want to just get it and be done and they rush the process so much and then end up hating the tattoo in a few years. Instead realize that working on the tattoo design takes time and finding the ideal tattoo for you might not be easy. However, the more you work on finding the design and refining it to what you want the more happy you will be with the end result. It is important to try and find a tattoo artist that will listen to your ideas and then create the design.
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